If you are interested in digital photography classes by Jeff Montanye please visit Digital World of Photography

Montanye Arts offers three unique books written by Jeff Montanye: "There are no Monsters in this Book", "Stewart State Forest Handbook" and "Maze Zing Junk Drawer Jewels". For more information visit books published by Montanye Arts. You can find these books on Amazon, Lulu and Clothespin Craft Kits.com. If you are interested in producing your own book we can help. Self publishing classes are available at Orange Ulster BOCES in Goshen, New York.

Clothespin Dolls designed by Jeff Montanye. Kits to make your own dolls based on these designs are sold on Amazon.com, Etsy.com and ClothespinCraftKits.com

Contact us for your photography needs or attend our classes. If its portraits of children, commercial applications or just selling something on eBay, we can help you. Take a look at some samples.

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We hold Adult education classes at Orange Ulster BOCES in Goshen, New York. For a complete list of current classes visit the Assistacomp website. We can design custom classes for your needs and we can teach at your location including schools, libraries, churches and businesses.